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Don’t put me in that box (Part 2): worrying about what others think

A lot of my posts over the next while will be my research-related findings/ideas/rants. One of the frustrating things about the PhD is that you write up articles pretty much only for the academic world. And how many of us outside of … Continue reading

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Don’t put me in that box! (Part 1)

One of the topics I research is how our thoughts about how others see us (also called ‘meta-perceptions’), can influence us when at work. Takes a second to get your head around. For example, lets say you’re working in your … Continue reading

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Another resurgence

Greetings 2015! I find it quite funny (and a bit annoying, I know) that I go on writing-binges, all motivated with my work/learning/teaching, and then disappear for 1.5 years. Time stands still on  a blog…”yesterday” in my posts was actually 1.5 … Continue reading

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2013: A new identity awaits in Chile

Surprisingly, I haven’t yet posted about the fact that we are in the middle of a massive life change (again…!). We’re currently enroute to Santiago, Chile, where we will live for 3 years. The short of it is, my husband … Continue reading

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Parenthood: an identity crisis

When you think about starting a family, everyone will tell you how hard it is to manage your time, your lack of sleep, caring for an infant, your suffering relationships with friends, your bank account, and your newly sprouted and … Continue reading

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What your office says about you.

Next time you’re strolling around at work, take a peek into your colleagues’ office space and think about what it says about them. How are they communicating their ‘selves’ to you?  What does their office decor says about who they are? … Continue reading

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Doing “dirty work”?

Some of the articles I’ve recently been reading are those about people who do ‘dirty work’.  Dirty work is defined as occupations that are viewed by society at large as ‘physically, socially, or morally tainted’ (Ashforth, Kreiner, Clark and Fugate, … Continue reading

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