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What your office says about you.

Next time you’re strolling around at work, take a peek into your colleagues’ office space and think about what it says about them. How are they communicating their ‘selves’ to you?  What does their office decor says about who they are? … Continue reading

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Doing “dirty work”?

Some of the articles I’ve recently been reading are those about people who do ‘dirty work’.  Dirty work is defined as occupations that are viewed by society at large as ‘physically, socially, or morally tainted’ (Ashforth, Kreiner, Clark and Fugate, … Continue reading

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Who do YOU think you are?

How do you answer the question “who are you?” It’s actually not so simple.  We have many ways we could answer; we have multiple and evolving identities. For example, some identities could be roles we play  – like sister, mother, … Continue reading

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A practical tool for career decisions: The oh-shit curve

I heard a speaker today speak about something called “the O-S Curve” and I thought it was a highly practical way to think about career decisions. More specifically, when you’re in that “I want to quit, what have I done … Continue reading

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